Solartec - Diagnostická a zkušební laboratoř FV modulů.


Diagnostic and Test Laboratory of Photovoltaic Modules

has been accredited by the by the Czech Accreditation Institute according to ČSN EN ISO/IEC17025:2005 as a Testing laboratory No. 1642 since 26 July 2013 (reaccreditation on June 5, 2015) and holds a Certificate of Accreditation No. 405/2015.

Basic benefits

Management system meets the requirements of ISO/IEC 9001:2008.

Test results

Continuous supervision – Czech Accreditation Institute performs periodic audits when we must prove our expertise and correctness of the test results for the duration the accreditation.


Other benefits of accreditation

Witness audit – every accredited laboratory shall allow the customer be at the tests.

Highly qualified personnel – laboratory has a system for monitoring and training of our personnel.

Test report


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